About Gary


Who am I?

This seems like a question we’re all seeking the answer to, but some people search for it by projecting an identity onto themselves. They define their identity through a job, a relationship, an experience, or a set of characteristics that might identify them on paper. For example, “I’m a father” or “I was once in law enforcement.” Although these are things that might identify us in a sentence, they don’t define our true identities.

One fact that separates us from other creatures is our capacity to define ourselves. We are the only things on planet Earth with an intellect capable of this level of introspection, and although it can be a painful process, it’s also one of our greatest rights. We all have the right to know who we are; about what we’ve done in life and what kind of person we want to become in future. It might not seem like much when you’re young, but when you get older you’ll realize just how valuable it is to know who you really are.

The next time I ask you “Who am I?” don’t think too hard about your answer because it could take you a lifetime to figure it out.