Good Cop, Bad Criminal: Crime, Justice and Books – Becoming a Cop, a Criminal and Life on Both Sides of the Law

Good Cop, Bad Criminal Becoming a cop, a criminal and
life on both sides of the law

A new book by Gary Sahlin
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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a cop?

How about what it’s like to be a criminal?


In the world of crime and criminal justice, there’s always a good cop and a bad criminal. But which one is Gary Sahlin? Meet the man who was both! In this poignant, true crime memoir, Sahlin recounts his dreams of becoming a police officer after he served honorably in the US Navy; how he became both Good Cop & Bad Criminal when he busted robbers as a city police officer; how his life’s path changed due to several unfortunate events & some very poor decisions that led him to prison for 20 yrs.; and how he found hope inside with his unique approach towards rehabilitation. Navigating through the nation’s toughest prisons can be difficult for anyone—especially ex-law enforcement officers struggling with their own personal circumstances. This book is a riveting and emotional memoir about life on both sides of the law.
Gary Sahlin shares his experience, thoughts, and reflections of his time behind bars in the US federal prison system. More important than what he says is how he presents it: The stories carry more weight when they are told through anecdotes, mixed with little moments of introspection that give you insight into who this man is. This isn’t a textbook retelling of someone’s time behind bars; it goes beyond that to explore deeper ideas about humanity, morality and redemption.

You’ll never look at cops or bad guys the same way again! This is an interesting read about one man who was both good cop and bad criminal – until he got caught.

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Unique Perspectives

This book will give you a unique perspective about the life of cops and criminals from an author who was once both. This memoir is gripping from one page to the next as it details his journey through life in the military, life as a cop and life as a criminal.

Reading is an Escape from Reality

Reading is a true way of escaping the stresses and burdens that life throws at us. When we are engrossed in a story, it’s as if everything else around us ceases to exist for just those few hours where time stands still and all that exists is you, your book, and this world created by words on paper.

Books are highly entertaining

From classics like Frankenstein and The Catcher in the Rye as well as modern bestsellers such as Wonder; from gripping crime thrillers involving organized crimes syndicates across America’s most dangerous cities to international dramas set within ancient Rome: books literally have everything covered.

Why You Should Be Reading A Book


Books are the ultimate form of self-discovery, and through them you can grow in ways that were never possible before. No matter what book you’re reading, there is always something new to glean from its pages; whether it be a bit of knowledge or an entirely new perspective on life itself.

Books Are Therapeutic

Reading is a form of therapy. In fact, many studies have found that reading can significantly reduce stress levels and provide relief for those who suffer from mental health issues like depression or anxiety. It’s been estimated by some research that even just six minutes of reading per day will lead to drops in your stress level up to 60%.

Reading Lets You Discover Who You Are

Reading is a fantastic way to explore what you are interested in, allowing for self-discovery. Whether it’s reading nonfiction or fiction books, literature about your interests can open up new worlds and give insight into who you truly are as an individual.

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